Roof & Awning Repair

Since you rarely see it, it might be easy to forget about your RV’s roof. With severe weather conditions and long trips, this could cause wear and tear on your roof and awnings. In order to stop leaks you need to keep your roof in good shape.

Just as with any other part of your recreational vehicle, you should inspect it at regularly to make sure that there are no rips or cracks, or sealing issues that could lead to potential leaks that could cause water damage inside the vehicle.

Roof & Nose Repair

Coachman Motorhome

New Roof

Northern Spirit Trailer

New Metal Roof

Jamboree Motorhome

Replaced the old roof with a shiny new one!

Awning Added


From stalk this vintage Airstream didn’t come with an awning, so the client wanted to add one. The Gilmay Team did a great job to make it look like it was there from new!

New Awning


Old original awning wore out!

  • New awning with upgraded metal cover when fabric is rolled up.

Water Damage Roof Repair

Four Winds

Rubber roof seals leaking. (lack of maintenance)

  • Stripped roof off and re-sheeted
  • New rubber membrane
  • New seals throughout