Insurance Repairs

If you’re in need of repairs from an accident or Mother Nature, CALL US! We are an accredited insurance repair centre and handle all of your RV and trailer needs, from simple repairs to complete renovations. Whether it’s major wind damage, a collision, or water damage, our repair centre has dealt with almost every type of RV concern.

Our RV experience and knowledgeable staff can diagnose, repair, and help you maintain your RV and trailer. We work with ICBC and private insurance companies to handle all your RV issues and ensure your RV is repaired right and in a timely manner.

Surveyor Trailer

  • Extensive damage to this trailer
  • New roof
  • Walls cracked and rebuilt
  • Frame damage

Topaz 5th Wheel

  • Water leak caused damage to the floor
  • Removed the old carpet and fascia
  • Repaired the leak and water damage
  • Replaced with new carpet

Colorado 5th Wheel

  • Removal of the 5th wheel frame due to crack
  • Fixed the crack and re-installed the frame to the body of the 5th wheel

Citation Motorhome

  • Fixed the back bumper
  • Underskirting
  • Body repair underneath storage compartment
  • Side trim repair

Montana 5th Wheel

  • 3 slide removal and replacement
  • Cracked frame repair
  • New floor reconstruction

Max Lite 5th wheel

  • Window leak repair
  • De-lam repair

Okanagan Camper

  • Installed new rubber roof

Snowbird Camper

  • Awning and jack repair

Utility Trailer

  • Tongue Damage
  • Front Panel Damage
  • Replace and Installed New Panel

Grand Junction 5th Wheel

Floor Damage

Hot water heater leaked causing floor damage in the OSB.

  • Full removal of floor section
  • Re-build structure under sheeting
  • New plywood
  • New lino, re-install kitchen lower

Jay Flight

Tree Damage

Front nose damaged by a tree falling on it.

  • Re-built front bedroom
  • New aluminum siding & decals

Jay Feather

Fire Damage

This Jay Feathers wall was melted off by it being parked to close to a burning barn. Gilmay RV rebuilt the wall.