Bigfoot Specialized

Bigfoot Specialized (1978 to 2008)

Bigfoot Motorhome COG Wheels


3000 Series C10.02 Camper

When you have a gem, you fix it! That’s what these clients did. Roof leaks turned into a BIG roof job…. all fixed and back on the open road enjoying their holiday!



6.10 Camper

This lil’ beauty was taking on moisture causing mold through out the camper.

  • New flooring & many upgrades


25C 9.4 Camper

This beauty was in an accident & our client is very lucky!

  • T-wall
  • Jack
  • Bumper damage



29SL Motorhome

All the way from Saskatchewan this motorhome was in need of a new roof!



29SL Motorhome

The new owners had a surprise on their hands! Roof seals are VERY important to have checked every rear. Gilmay RV got this beauty back to normal and now no leaks!


29SL Motorhome

All the way from the Yukon & popped in for some repairs, including a slide-room removal!



35ST Motorhome

What an awesome couple with a nice coach… Many upgrades on this beauty!


9.5 – 1500 series Camper

Full renovation on this gem! Water found it’s way in through a crack in the fiberglass, causing the floor to rot. Fixed the floor & resealed the whole unit to prevent future water.


9.4 Camper

Thrilled to be able to work with this awesome couple, to get their new to them Bigfoot Camper looking “new” again!

  • Full polish
  • New decals
  • Electric  Happi Jac upgrade
  • Roof seals & more


10.6 Camper

Client came all the way from Washington to get an awning upgrade!


10.11 Camper

This beautiful camper and it’s nice owners came all the way from Nevada, for a face lift!

  • New Roof
  • Seals
  • Decals
  • Polish

And much more…


29ftG Motorhome

This beautiful Bigfoot motorhome came all the way from California for a few upgrades & new headlights to compliment the awesome full paint job!


Rare 20ft Motorhome 4×4 Converted

Gilmay repaired the interior wall from a leaking side window on Fiber Core foam injected wall. New rubber roof, due to poor previous roof repair. Client converted to 4×4.


1980 B17G Trailer

Gilmay took this vintage 80’s B17 from the ground up, making it new again! Its custom design was chosen by the clients and Gilmay RV to best cater to their RV experience!


35LX Motorhome

Bigfoot LX removal of factory slide room furniture and layout. Gilmay RV removed the free standing table and chairs, power sofa, front free standing swivel chair and automan to install their new custom hand built leather sofa with swivel chaise. The Bigfoot LX owners living in the southern US and needing their RV, Gilmay RV Repairs built a mock-up slide room in order to build the sofa. Working closely with Andrew from Distinctive Upholstry, the project came to fruition.

  • High quality ultra leather
  • Mulitpurpose cushion/counter surface
  • Individual laptop divided holders with power supply
  • Sofa contoured faces are slide-out drawers on heavy duty ball bearings
  • Hide-away safe
  • Chaise sofa in RV mode or swivel lower section to enter chassis cab


9.5 Camper

Soft floor and wood rot from water leaking through the propane compartment and entrance door.

  • Remove all lower cabinets
  • Remove all compromised wood products
  • Resin coat and fiberglass floor framework to interior shell
  • Insulate, plywood and new linoleum
  • Camper floor is now stronger than factory built, since factory floor is laminated to shell
  • Roof seals completly removed, cleaned and re-coat all roof accessories


T28 SL Trailer

Renovation and upgrades:

  • Custom built loft bed
  • LED lighting
  • Underneath storage
  • Incorporated the existing sofa bed


10.5E Camper

  • Removal of wet bath
  • LED lighting
  • Custom decal


9.4LB Camper

Removal of wet bathroom.


1980s Camper

Later model Bigfoot campers can be modified to fit newer trucks!

The History of Bigfoot Industries


Bigfoot Industries was founded in 1978 by Terry Mayall, and three partners who were interested in developing Recreational Vehicles for the future. They worked together as originators of the initial design concept of the Bigfoot molded fiberglass units, which still provides the uniqueness portrayed in the Bigfoot units produced today. Bigfoot started manufacturing recreational vehicles with a fiberglass molded top and bottom section that fit together to form a sturdy, very durable, weatherproof unit. The first products developed were the B-17, seventeen-foot Travel Trailer and then proceeded to prototype the first molded fiberglass Truck Camper. These units were readily accepted in the RV market place and Bigfoot became known as one of the leaders in the Truck Camper and Trailer Industry.

In 1987, Terry Mayall sold his interest in Bigfoot Industries and founded his own company called Leisure Coachworks Ltd. and the Fibercore RV wall system. Fibercore is a foam injected wall system that immediately became a leader in RV wall construction, insulation, strength and durability. Terry applied these new found construction techniques to Fifth Wheels and Class ‘C’ Motorhome products. In 1990, Terry Mayall and his partner Jordy Howell purchased the assets of Bigfoot Industries and brought both companies together under the leadership and direction of Terry. In 1995, Bigfoot Industries Inc. moved into a new facility in Armstrong, British Columbia to accommodate the increased product demand that had been realized over the past several years. The new facilities allowed Bigfoot the opportunity to expand the fiberglass production area and incorporated three separate production lines to produce motorized units, towable units and truck campers. In 1996, to facilitate the ever-increasing product demand, Bigfoot Industries expanded once again and opened a new production facility in Boardman, Oregon. Bigfoot Industries Inc. takes pride in providing you the customer with a quality product at an affordable price, while incorporating the latest technology with quality workmanship.

Craig Mayall is the son of Terry Mayall [the founder of Bigfoot Industries (1978-2008)]. Craig worked his way throughout the factory production facility an in the Service Shop for many years, before ultimately ending up in the Research and Development department, prototyping, designing and continuously improving many of the Bigfoot RV’s that are currently on the road today.

With unparalleled knowledge of the design and inner workings of many makes and models of RV’s, but especially acute knowledge of all Bigfoot Industries models, he comes by it naturally through growing up around the Bigfoot factory and products from an early age.